Becky’s Ultimate Adventure, Part 4

The final push to finish the Ultimate Magic Kingdom Ultimate Touring Plan as set forth by is journaled here. I’ve spent 18 hours in the Magic Kingdom on May 23, 2014 and head into the wee hours of May 24.

#56, The Liberty Square Riverboat, 11:57 pm

Thanks to a heads up from Kenny the Pirate, the *ultimate* Ultimate Tourer, I knew that the Riverboat leaves on the hour and half hour. Getting out of Celebrate the Magic at 11:55 set me up perfectly to get on the midnight boat.

The Ultimate rules for this attraction simply say, “ride.” They don’t say, “stay awake and ride” so my brilliant (yet still within the rules) strategy was to get on board, take my photo and sleep for the other 19 minutes of the leisurely trip around the “river.” However, after I boarded and forced my eyes into focus, it seemed that every horizontal surface was covered with sleeping people who all had the same idea. There wasn’t a bench or floor space to be found where I could curl up for a few zzz’s.

I did manage to find an unoccupied pole to lean upon. If I had had a length of rope, I would have tied myself to it like Katniss in the Hunger Games, but alas, I was unprepared and no sponsors dropping me little silver parachutes with survival bits in them.

Found out after reading his ultimate blog that Kenny the Pirate was also on that cruise, but was down below, probably smart enough to score an actual place to sit unlike this rookie. Read more about his quest for 100 on the same day here..

 #57, Walt Disney Railroad (Frontierland to Frontierland), 12:30 am

I knew the railroad was looming on my horizon. It’s 20 minutes long and I knew would be popular at night so I headed over after I got off the boat. Waiting in line next to Splash Mountain was one of the most painful experiences of the evening. This is the time of night when most sane people say, “Hey, I’m kinda tired, I think I’ll go to sleep.” However, Magic Kingdom wasn’t full of very many sane people that night.

Instead it was filled with people who were determined to stay up all night. At all costs.

At this particular time, I witnessed the lengths to which some people would go to. For the entire 6 minute wait to the train, we had to listen to a child, maybe 2 or 3, wail non-stop in their mother’s arms. Beyond tired. Beyond caring. Just tired. It wasn’t even a cry. It was the gutteral howl of a wounded animal. It was pitiful. Sorrowful. I tried not to judge, but it was hard.

Made it to the top of the station and knew I would be close to making it onto this train. In the last few steps towards the gates, I dropped my guide times guide and bent to pick it up. In my moment of hesitation, the gate keeper closed the gate on me. I’m not ashamed to say that I begged for him to let me through. Pleaded. I was desperate and he could sense that.

He opened the gate and let me through to the applause of the folks on the train.

At the start, 12:30 am.


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Fantasyland station.

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One of my favorite shots to try and get…


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Main Street station.

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And back to the land of Frontier at 12:53 am. Next stop, Adventureland.

#58, Jungle Cruise, 1:08 am

This was another I wanted to get out of the way. The line for this one can move painfully slow on a good day and I know that it is especially fun at night. Hard to get pictures, but here are a couple.

The captain may or  may not have been funny. I don’t think at this point I had the capacity to recognize comedy anyway.

#59, Country Bear Jamboree, 1:23 am

Country Bears is another one of my favorite places to nap…I mean places to tap my toes and sing-a-long! There were 5 of us there. I think I may have been the only one to stay awake for most of the show.

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Country bears. 1:23

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and the required photo (proof that I was actually awake)

At this point, I realize that the chocolate-covered espresso beans are gone. The beef jerky has a delightfully unpleasant and unappetizing smell (that has permeated my entire bag at this point) and I should probably get some protein in me if I’m going to keep moving.

Ok, I probably wasn’t thinking about protein or anything so grand. The Country Bears empties in Pecos Bill’s and I wafted to the counter 3 inches off the floor like Bugs Bunny following the scent of freshly roasted carrots.

Should I have just gotten a burger? Or chicken strips? Probably. What do I get? Spicy black bean burger with jalapenos. Enough said. Really.

Ate the burger as I crossed the park to use my 1:35 am fast pass at Space Mountain.

#60, Space Mountain, 2:04 am

This was a good move. Many of the things I had left to do were in Tomorrowland and it meant less backtracking once I got there.

Kinda proud of this selfie actually…

I even remembered to look the right way, but had the Forrest Gump thing going on…

Remember that spicy black bean burger with the jalapeños? Yeah, so do i…

#61, Tomorrowland Arcade, 2:12 am

What’s better than a spicy black bean burger with jalapenos at 2 in the morning? A game of skeeball of course.

Headed towards Buzz Lightyear which had rumors of being down throughout the day. I have 4 official core attractions to go and was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Before I got in line for Buzz, I saw Bowlerhat guy! Didn’t stop and wait in line to meet him, but so cool!

Quick stop at the fast pass kiosk to schedule what would be my last fastpass of the day (a total of 9 altogether) for the speedway, valid at 2:50 am.

#62, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, 2:42 am

No fastpass. Regular standby. Ugh. After 10 minutes in the line, the ride stops. Double Ugh. Finally starts back up again and I made it on at 2:42 am. 20 full minutes in line. Felt like an eternity.

Eyeing the big man himself before boarding.

I was totally smiling at the camera for the car in front of me. However, this is the shot that they actually took. As you can tell, I’m super excited and wide awake.

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So. Sleepy.

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Not a bad score (ok, the ride stopped while i was 2-feet away from an easy target. I think I scored every point in that 3 minutes whilst stopped.)

#63, Tomorrowland Speedway, 2:55 am

This may be the only kind of vehicle I was able to operate by this time of day (or was it night? or morning?)

I saw my friends the Schmidts who were there for the 24-hour haul, too, but a lot less stressed than I was.

#64, Astro Orbitor, 3:20 am

This is really a cool ride. I usually skip it because it takes forever to load. Its not unusual to see really long wait times. Tonight (this morning?) was no different. 25 minute posted wait. Boarded the elevator at 3:14 am but didn’t get onto the ride until 3:20.

Turning, turning, turning….

And coming in for the landing…

After this ride, I only had 1 more core attraction to go. One. More.

#65, Sonny Eclipse, 3:26 am

Since I was fairly confident I could finish the core attractions, I started planning the bonus attractions I could get in before daybreak. Spent 5 minutes with everyone’s favorite inter-galactic lounge singer.

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Cosmic rays 3:26

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This is where things get crazy. Those who know me realized my full descent into madness when the next pictures were posted.

#66, Tinkerbell, 3:46 am

Yes. I did it. I met Tinkerbell. I held my tongue and didn’t ask her why SHE TRIED TO KILL WENDY all those years ago. In fact, I was so gone by this time, I had no banter left in me. All I could think was coffee, posted wait time, coffee, time entering ride, coffee….

Tink was a bonus attraction since I met Mickey earlier in the day. Bonus attractions good.

I got to hold one of the line timer things! (its the little things…)

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Data collector!

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With the attempted murderess herself…

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Yep. I bit the bullet

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And the mandatory autograph…

Remember that final core attraction? On my way.

#67, Philharmagic, 4:10 am

I like Philharmagic ok. It’s always a cool and quiet attraction. The 3d effects are good (but not really as good as Magic Journeys.) I’m not a huge fan of 3d for the most part, but the story is good and the music and characters make it a lot of fun.

And the glasses are stylish of course.

That was it! That was the end of the core attractions. I had officially (well unofficially until says so) finished the Ultimate Magic Kingdom.

What to do? Go to the hotel and get some sleep? Nay, nay, I say. #67 attractions just wasn’t enough.

#68, Captain Hook, 4:40 am

Not one of my favorite characters. I’ve never really been into the villains much, but his line was short. By this time of the morning (night? day?) he wasn’t signing autographs so I don’t know if he’ll count or not.

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No autographs but still cool

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#69, Frontierland Hoedown, 4:45-4:50 am

The next “two” bonuses took place concurrently. While hunting for my first lock to the Frontierland SotMK adventure,  I partied for 5 minutes with the Frontierland Hoedown, I was lost, tired and frustrated looking for the lock to start my adventure so I forgot to take a picture of the hoedown, so I know it won’t count.

I think it looked something like this, though…

#70, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Frontierland, 4:55-5:12 am

Onto the real SotMK pictures. Lots of walking, lots of stumbling. Not the best choice for a bonus this late without having prior knowledge of where everything is.

I’m just gonna post them all…

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Frontier gecko

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Last quest

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#71, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland, 5:17-5:29 am

These were a little bit easier to find and by this time I’m getting good with my Pongo’s soot bucket.

Such and awesome place to be at 5:30 in the morning…

#72, Claude, 5:29 am

No line for this villain from one of my least favorite Disney animated features, but a bonus attraction is a bonus attraction. After the whole “tink” thing, I figure I can meet anyone for a bonus point.

Only 30 minutes until the park actually closes. I planned to stay for the final show, so I headed down to the castle dance party for another quick bonus.

#73, Dance the Night Away Dance Party, 5:31 am

There were an amazing amount of crazy people actually dancing and whooping it up still. Personally, I nodded my head mostly in time to the music for the mandatory 5 minutes participation…

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Dance party 5:31

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#74, Kiss Goodnight, 5:45 am

I had never seen any version of this end-of-the-park-day show. If I’m there until closing, I am usually begging to ride something “just one more time!” and never take time to watch anything like this. It was cute.

I cried.

I cried partially because I was exhausted. I cried partially because I was overly emotional at finishing my goal. But mostly because my right eye had started to pulse and I was convinced I was having a stroke. That Disney World had finally killed me and I was soon to die. They were tears of joy because at least I was going to die in one of my favorite places on earth. (and I’m really only 2/3 kidding about this folks…)


To officially finish your Ultimate Tour, you are supposed to go back to the Hub and record our official stop time. At 5:56 am, I called it quits. Not even Kenny the Pirate and his talk of the flag raising at 6:05 could keep me there.

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The clock tolls for me…

and one final shot…

Here’s hoping I followed all the rules. Some of the special one-day-only events may or may not count. I know the hoedown won’t because I didn’t take the picture. Seeing as how it was a bonus attraction, it shouldn’t count against my “completion.”

When I get official word from touring plans, I’ll post it here.

Would I go it again? In a heartbeat. I’d train better. Lose some weight. Learn from my rookie mistakes and go at it again. 🙂

My husband let me sleep all of 2 hours and 14 minutes before getting everyone up for a fun-filled day at Star Wars weekend, but that’s another story.